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You want a cash laundromat business - FIRST get an education!  

I have worked for myself for thirty years. My entire success hinges on one thing. That all important call to the Landlord! Let me help YOU start this! YOU had a great idea, own a laundromat or two. YOU saw a bunch of people raving about some laundromat guy on YouTube. YOU bought the course!  Let's cut through the "B.S," right now, you know this works, but there is WORK involved. Now TODAY, lets get YOU on track, before you start the course JOIN my Landlord Call Club and start FOR ten bucks a month!  My entire "system" pivots on ONE phone call. One all important call to a landlord at an existing FAILED Laundromat. But what will YOU say? How will YOU know what to talk about? What if the Landlord asks you some pointed questions? I'm ready to help YOU answer ALL of those questions, and a million more that you didn't even know you had!

No problem, the course is on me!  Just fill out this quick form! 

30 percent OFF!

Danny, I want to see your course before the event! 

Congratulations VEGAS here we come! Curriculum emails will follow as the date approaches! We are still adding guests, events, and amazing speakers. 

            Book your room. Mention "Laundromat Summit" 

Arrival Friday  Jan 13th 2023 - Departing Sunday Jan 15th 2023

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