VI.      Equipment
    - Stick to one brand
    Huebsch, Speed queen, Maytag, Dexter, ADC
    - New vs. Used
    - Financing vs. cash purchase
    - Changers
    How many
    (simple) Tricks of the trade
    - Folding

VII.      Income
    - Coin Washers/Dryers
    - Coin Vending / owning vs. %
    - Coin Gaming/ owning vs. %
    - Toys / candy (wear n tear)

VIII.      Maintenance
    - Machines will break down
    - Do it yourself vs. a distributor vs. a "repair man"
    - Parts
    - Hiring a full time or salaried maintenance person

IX.      Advertising
    - Internet
    - Telephone
    - Flyers
    - W.O.M.
    - Conventional vs. Gorilla

X.      Store operation
    - 24 hour vs. scheduled
    - Attended vs. unattended
    - Coin vs. Card
    - Security
    (Wi-Fi driven cameras)
    - Amenities
    Wi-Fi Connection
    Air conditioning / Heating
    Television / cable

XI.      We are in the business of what?

XII.      YOUR Exit Strategy?

You want a cash laundromat business - FIRST get an education!  

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I.      Why Laundromats?
    - Economy
    - Cash flow

II.      Do YOU have what it takes?
    - Time
    - Money
    - Experience
    - Common sense vs. business sense
    - Bravado, Audacity, hutspa, Gravitas... GUTS!

III.      Store Scouting
    - New Build vs. Existing location
    - Location
    - Store's location in relationship to your location
    - Store's location in relationship to demographic
    - Security
    - For you
    - For your store
    - For your customers
    - Store's layout
    - Signage
    - Sq Footage (size matters)
    - Key leading failure indicators (some stores should die)
    - Current Owner's position
    - Competition (all of the above applies)

IV.      Distributors
    - What to look for
    - What they are looking for in you

V.      Lease negotiation
    - LOI (how to make this tool your crowbar)
    - Price per Square foot
    - Abated rent and Gross rent
    - Consideration(s)
    - 15 year minimum (offer 20 - at stand still)
    (The inevitable "Vanilla" threat)

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